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Literary Services


Want to make your idea a reality? My 15+ years experience as a traditionally published author make me your perfect pal in manifesting your literary dreams. I offer step-by-step, conscious coaching all the way from brainstorming to publication! 

Are these services for you?

Everyone needs help getting their project started or finished. From tentative beginners to well-seasoned professionals, everyone could use an extra eye on their work. 


No time to dot your i's and cross your t's? I'll do it for you! My extensive experience as an editor and proofreader will make nipping and tucking your project a breeze. I offer various editing services from simple grammatical proofreading to providing full-page notes and feedback!

What's it cost?

All services start at only 20/hr. Please inquire at


Tell me your story, and I'll get it down on paper as a strong, editable first draft or a finished project ready for dissemination. I offer ghostwriting for short stories all the way to full-length projects, with a special interest in memoirs!

Why work with me?

I am experienced, enthusiastic, and LOVE helping others get their stories into the world! People have been casually reaching out to me for coaching/editing help ever since I broke out into the literary scene. 

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