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A pixie and werewolf plan to thwart a prophecy; a medical mannequin attempts to foil a viral attack.

A girl befriends a spider, a janitor stalks a ghost, and Cupid makes a deadly mistake. 

Exploring the psychology -and humanity- of outcasts, LOSERS AND FREAKS is worthy to its predecessor, SLUTS AND WHORES, which helped C.E. Hoffman earn a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. 

Welcome back to the Big City, where you find magic -and friends- in the strangest places.

Out from Querencia Press.

Out Now: 
Losers and Freaks

Losers and Freaks OFFICIAL COVER.png

About the Author

C.E. Hoffman is a screenwriter, author, poet, publisher, lyrical journalist, and cat lover (not necessarily in that order.)


A grant winner, Elgin Award nominee, recipient of a Silver Honourable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award, and winner of the 2022 Defunct May Day Chapbook contest, they wrote their first novel at eleven years old, and have continued writing ever since.


They’ve been published widely online and in print since 2010, and have edited Punk Monk Magazine/Press since 2012.

Their aim is not only to secure a career within the literary arts,  but to create valuable content that extends beyond their reach and lasts beyond their lifetime.




Muriel's Journey Poetry Prize- Honourable Mention 2024

Dark Winter Lit Contest- Shortlist 2024

SFPA Elgin Award- Nominee 2023 

L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest- Silver Honourable Mention 2022

Defunct Magazine’s May Day Chapbook Contest- First Prize Winner 2022 

Cult International Film Festival- Best First Time Filmmaker 2022

Alberta Foundation for the Arts- Literary Individual Project Funding 2022 



Losers and Freaks (short story collection)- Querencia Press 2024

No Actual Sin (prose chapbook)- Defunct Magazine/May Day Press 2023

Ghosts, Trolls, and Other Things on the Internet (poetry chapbook)- Bottlecap Press 2022 

Blood, Booze, and Other Things in Nature (poetry chapbook)- Alien Buddha Press 2022

Sluts and Whores (short story collection)- Thurston Howl Publications 2021

Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948- (poetry chapbook) 2017



Stories etc:

Permission to Live (CNF)- Sokut anthology (forthcoming)

Untitled (visual art)- L’étranger Jaarboek anthology (forthcoming)

our song came on... (poem)-Engine Idling July 2024

Cinders- Dark Winter Lit May 2024

A Burger Called Drama Queen- World Hunger Magazine May 2024

Sex or the Saw (cento poem)- Lenticular Lit March 2024

Adam Got to Name Everything Except This- Ode to Dionysus March 2024

Pupa by Sadee Bee (CNF)- Manic Pixie Magazine Nov 2023

Asking For a Friend- Litmora Oct 2023

Recipe for Averting Disaster- Roi Faineant Oct 2023

Uncanny Valley- Alien Buddha House of Horrors #6 anthology Oct 2023

I wanted to get away- D.O.R. Sept 2023

The Hold Steady Contributes to My Highs and Lows (CNF)- The Gospel of the Hold Steady anthology August 2023

SweatShop to NoWear- Bullshit Lit June 2023

Schrodinger’s Cats- Ergi Press June 2023

I Can’t Afford to Make Expensive Mistakes- Trash Wonderland June 2023

Show Don’t Tell (poem)- Trash Wonderland June 2023

To All the Girls I Wish I’d Kissed- Throats to the Sky Feb 2023

Our Safe Word is Panda- Queer Toronto Magazine Jan 2023

Adam’s Apples- Space Squid Magazine Dec 2022

Magnificent Shits (poem)- Alien Buddha Press Best Of 2022 anthology Dec 2022

Fries- Roi Fainéant Press Oct 2022

Beauty vs Beast- Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Oct 2022 

Histrionics (Why I Hate Selfies Pt. 2) (poem)- Mad Swirl Magazine Oct 2022

Archer’s Paradox- Viridian Door Magazine Sept 2022

No Really Though- Trash Wonderland Sept 2022

Get Away From That Car- Sage Cigarettes Sept 2022

I Did Something Truly Visionary (cento poem)- Red Ogre Review Anthology August 2022

Tan (poem)- New Generation Beats Anthology August 2022

Any Storm in a Port- Mad Swirl Magazine July 2022

Love Letter to Masturbation- Angel Rust Magazine July 2022

Babygirl- Anxious Nothings anthology (Anxiety Press) May 2022

Atomic (not a Blondie reference) (poem)- Winamop Magazine May 2022

Moonburn- Filth Magazine March 2022

Missing The ‘E’ On My Keyboard- Mad Swirl Magazine February 2022

5 Things My Cat Taught Me About Life (CNF)- Mind on Fire Books January 2022

First Date #5- Schlock Magazine December 2021 

I’m Bad At Titles- Weird Girl Magazine September 2021

Listless- Weird Girl Magazine September 2021

Forward to JubJub Juice (short story collection by Neil S Reddy) August 2021 

GTFO #1- Maudlin House October 2019

Fly, My Pretty- Vaughn Street Magazine September 2019 

Blue Blood (My Fairytale) (poetry)- Punk Poetry June 29, 2019 

My Right (Of Passage) (novel excerpt)- Cliterature Journal June 22, 2019 

I Am Not A 7-Eleven- Maudlin House June 3, 2019

I Am He- Litro NY April 14, 2019 

Bloom (Blowjobs) (poetry)-Pink Litter August 8 2018 

Nice Day to Get Laid (poetry)- Punk Poetry. Com July 20 2018 

Too Many Dreams- Trampsetters (now called Trampset) Oct 23 2017

#Whatever- Boyslut Magazine September 2017 

Forget About Me- The Weekenders Magazine April 2013 

Past the Finish Line- Streetcake Magazine February 2013 

My Name Is- ppigpenn Magazine January 2013

Pore Nat- The Delinquent December 2012 

B&E- Black Lantern Magazine November 2012 

Can, Sir- Boyslut Magazine November 2012 

The Only Untitled- Linguistic Erosion Magazine November 2012 

Between Lines/Legs- ppigpenn Magazine November 2012

Thunk- Five 2 One Magazine October 2012 

View- Larks Fiction Magazine October 2012 

Subject 291- Shrodinger’s Mouse October 2012

Double Knot- The Mustache Factor June 2012

Under Sunglasses- Salt Magazine May 2012

Therapy- Negative Suck March 2012 

17 or 20 Steps to the Left- Ginger Piglet Magazine February 2012

You Tell Me- Used Gravitrons February 2012

An Intriguing Resignation Letter- True Dark Anthology February 2012

Victim #16- Carnage Conservatory February 2012 

Ache- Crack the Spine February 2012

You’re A Woman Now- Off The Rocks Magazine January 2012

Mr. Noface and the Soul Stealer- Dark River Press December 2011 

Grey- Temptation Magazine November 2011

Waiting for the Right Connection- Postcard Shorts November 2011 

A Friend, the Spider- Arcane anthology 2011 

The Silence of Trees- The Earth Comes First Magazine June 2011

Darkness You Need- Oysters and Chocolate Magazine May 2011 

China White- Dark Valentine 2011 

The Closest Thing to Perfection- Every Night Erotica September 2010 

Cotton Candy and Graveyards- Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine 2010, 69 Flavours of Paranoia 2010




Columnist @ Joyzine Oct 2022- Present 

Columnist @ Razorcake Fanzine Sept 2014- Jan 2023

Columnist @ See Rock Live Oct- Jan 2019 

Columnist @ Bigger Than Beyonce (now disbanded) Jan 2010- Jan 2016

Explore the weird world of C.E. Hoffman

Strippers, monsters, beauty and madness

cover of No Actual Sin by C.E. Hoffman
cover of Sluts and Whores by C.E. Hoffman
cover of Ghosts Trolls and Other Things on the Internet by C.E. Hoffman
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C.E. Hoffman is a fearless writer.


Danuta Gleed Award Winner

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